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Gain comunication inside trucks & containers

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Hi to all


1º Is there a easy way to gain comunication inside truck or container in such a way that no antenna outside is needed for GPS /GSM?


2º Is possible and is there an easy way to convert the metal box of truck or container (reefer) in a big antenna so no cables or devices

outside expose to damage or vandalism.


I know is complex but who know maybe some body already has solution to comunicate when in cargo boat full of containers.


Best regards to every one



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    Harald Naumann Master

    Hi Luis,
    A radio wave is like light. Behind a wall you will have a shadow and no sunshine. A big part of the radio wave will be eliminated behind a metal plate. Just put your mobile phone inside the container and try to catch a GSM or GPS signal.
    If you plan to design a GSM / GPS tracking device, then the IoT M2M Cookbook will be helpful. It explains in detail how to develop a tracking device on wireless modules.


    On 06.10.2014 I added to the IoT M2M Cookbook:

    • Quick Start Guide for the Vector Network Analyser MiniVNA Tiny
    • Simple mesurement reports of antennas made with MiniVNA Tiny
    • Enhanced reports of antennas made with MiniVNA Tiny
    • Import of Touchtone (SP1) files to Atyune and optimisation of the antenna by mouse click. Atyune is a free of charge software to calculate antenna matching circuits automatily

    The MiniVNA with its Quick Start Guide, the test and optimisation of four antennas add already 10 more pages. Hopefully every reader of the IoT M2M Cookbook will able to calibrate and to check their antennas within a few minutes. The test report of the four antennas unearth the true. One out of the four antennas is not resonate in the promises frequency range. It is impossible to tune. However, the SP1 file of this painful antenna is like the other three tested antennas ready for download. You can download it and try to optimise it yourself.

    - See more at: http://www.gsm-modem.de/M2M/m2m-faq/new-version-of-iot-m2m-cookbook


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    Hi Luis,


    What type of information were you planning on communicating? Was it vehicle/ product tracking or voice/ camera communication? There are devices that you can use that don’t require cumbersome antenna configurations. For instance, the GT-540-3GWA, from ICP DAS, can do location tracking and has I/O ports for monitoring specific data in your mobile vehicles.


    The GPS antenna is actually a small magnetic nub that can be snapped easily onto any metallic surface in the vehicle and does not need hard-wired antennas.


    Check out the link below for more information:

      GT-540P-3GWA | Cellular Wireless Intelligent 3G Remote Terminal Unit with GPS and 2G micro SD card for remote monitoring…