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MultiMSISDN problem for 2G to 3G switching

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dear Friends,

am working on a MultiMSISDN with one sim cards solution, the solution can be described shortly as below:

the IMSI of the simcards is linked to two different profile from the HLR side, the first profile is a 2G profile using ARD (utran not allowed) and R99 QoS and GSM&GPRS acces,the second profile is a 3G profile containing the utran allowed a high quality of service.

there is a shord code that can be handled by the HLR which permit to switch between those two profile, the issue:

when the first Cell selection appear and if the profile is 3G and the Handset in dual mode, the 3G cell is stored as forbidden cell, and the Susbcribers can connect to the 2G coverage without issue, but when he will try to connect to the 3G coverage under the same area there is no retry for the same forbidden list and 3G subs camp with their 3G profile under 2G coverage, and he would like to connect to the 3G he is obliged to restart their mobile to errase the CELL forbidden list.

my questions are:

- this list is stored at the SIM level or Handset?

- is there any possibility to errase it ?

- or populate the list till we congest this one ?

- if we creat an applicate to errase the list it should be implemented on the sim cards or we can install it as an android application to be used by the system (to errase the system file or to apply several entry and to congest this list on the sim cards)


its very urgent and your support is highly needed