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Global SIM??

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Hi All,


I have been reading on the forum and trying to understand the concept of Global SIM which is what Vodafone as an example has globally across all the operators. Has anyone worked or knows how there solution works? As i understand it is based on a roaming SIM in device hence connectivity is there irrespective of where your location is. It seems like an excellent solution and target as many customers as possible.


Any end users of this solution or been involved in this to share their experiences?



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    Hi AZ,

    We at m2m Air/Telit offer a global SIM card through Vodafone and/or Telefonica. The biggest issue with roaming into the US is the SIM must be moving and not stationary. If the SIM is stationary for a period of time it risks being shut down by the US operators. If you are planning a global application I would recommend using a combination of AT&T in the US and Vodafone for international. M2M Air offers all carriers, on one bill, one portal for seemless deployment. Look me up if you need more info.



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      Hi Mike


      Thanks for your reply.


      I do not see where the issue with the roaming as those SIMs would be purely acting as roaming data SIM's? Why would they be only shut down when they are stationary? To my understanding with such big Operators like Vodafone - its best to own the solution and go with Global SIM where the SIM would be roaming if moving between OpCo's irrespective of the application being used.


      Can you share some insights about M2M Air? Is this running over which operator and is it using Global SIM? What markets are you focusing on.



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    Vodafone's Global SIM is based on permanent roaming, which is increasingly disallowed in countries including Brazil, China and to a certain extent the US.


    The actual Global SIM solution involves being able to swap out the SIM profile over the air to the local operator's profile, and act as a local SIM with local services (not roaming, with all the back-end operational and billing relationships between the SIM subscriber and the multiple operators involved properly provisioned on the back-end.


    The M2M World Alliance, that is based on the Jasper platform, is the first operator group that has commercially launched this.  The solution is available to all operators that have deployed the Jasper platform.

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      Hi Sanjay,


      Thanks for your reply.


      To my understanding Vodafone is quite successful with their Global SIM platform using the GDSP platform running across all their Opco's but never heard of it being disallowed? Any reasons for this that you can share


      Global SIM solution to my understanding does not require you to swap the SIM profile over the air since it will be in roaming mode when you move within Vodafone Opco's (for example) and all the billing and back-end operations are done on a global platform with one entity serving all global SIM's being provisioned centrally in the central M2M platform.


      Do you know if they are dedicating a mobile Core for such platform? As if it would another Opco but purely serving their M2M subscribers? It would be interesting to know as this would be the main advantage of a centralized global M2M platform.


      Jasper to my understanding and when i spoke to them few months ago - they only focus on the hosted model where they have all the operations running on their end which is different to the current implementations running in Vodafone and Telefonica with regards to the Global SIM approach.


      Your comments are highly appreciated.



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      Hi Sanjay,

      How did you know Brazil, China and the US disallowed permanent roaming. i cannot find anything about this.



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    We are a Swedish MNO, who has our own core network integrated with Jasper Wireless back-end systems. We at Tele2 M2M Global Solutions can definitely provide you with our Global SIMs.


    Our business model will allow you to have customized roaming pricing and usage restrictions for special scenarios. Our set-up will allow you to manage all your Global SIMs from one management system and you will get only 1 bill for all your global coverage. We can build customized roaming zones; such as all Europe. You will have cost control, visibiliy and ease of working directly with an MNO.


    If you would like to test our Global SIMs and SIM management platform, just let me know.



    +46 704 264778

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      Thanks Alper for your response,


      When you say you have your own core - i believe you are referring to the HLR, GGSN SGSN which would be the main nodes for such integration. May i ask why you chose to connect your core to Jasper? Why didn't you go for a local solution within Tele2 and run everything on your side and that way you own the solution and own the whole value chain and not just part of it where you basically having a solution based on hosted model with Jasper?


      How do you manage SIM who are roaming on other operators such as Vodafone, Orange etc? Do you have agreements with them or just based on the roaming GRX network where the connectivity is already in place just as it would be when a normal user is roaming.


      Would you mind if you have a test portal to see what it looks like and features supported on your Global SIM?



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      Hi Alper,


      We are interesting to get GLOBAL SIM, kindly contact us:






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    Hello Az,


    The above makes for an interesting read.  We m2mSIM.com act as a sales and consultancy for several different Global SIM offerings, simply because 1 size does not fit all.


    We have MNO partners who are exempt from AT&T's permanent roaming clause, so are not restricted by those just offering VF or Telefonica, both of which have their place.


    And like any other player in this space we also offer a carrier grade SIM management and monitoring platform.


    Naturally I would like to know the specifics of your requirement, so please drop me an email at david@m2msim.com and let's talk further.


    Kind regards



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    I can help you with this as i know Vodafone Global M2M solution.


    You can post your full inquiry and requirement to me and i will respond to you.





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    Ernest Santos Newbie

    My apologies in advance for my sincerity and hope you are still looking for a solution that exceeds your expectations.

    I believe that in that order, JT has something to say if you are looking for a tailored solution to fit your needs.

    I will just leave below some features and benefits for your consideration.

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    Ernest Santos


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