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Gprs connection, dynamic IP, data transfer

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Hi All,


I red allot about this and i fond that there are ways to deal with dynamic IP like:



or using DynDNS.

Because static IP is to expensive.


I also had an idea that the server which want to communicate withe the GSM/GPRS module send an SMS and then the module sends the dynamic IP or just RING the module (voice call).

Problem is that if there are lets say 1000 GSM/GPRS modules: for sms needs time to end so many and it costs, for voice call i takes to long.


And the I fond this: http://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_tr/123900_123999/123976/06.01.00_60/tr_123976v060100p.pdf


So is it possible that one of this idea will work:

1. From document Push broadcast scenario, deliver one sms or anything else to 1000 module.

2. Maybe to use PTT(push to talk) or PoC(push to talk over cellular) to broadcast some message.

3. Or using VOIP (is there something  on this if I only know the number from the modules sim card).

4. Digital call (also broadcast) ISDN.


Is any of this real? I'm new to this and will be happy and thankful for any advice or assistance.


Best Regards,