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Jasper sim card


Hello all. I am just starting out and need a lot of help!!.


I bought a Arduino and wireless module with a sim900 on board from China for use in the UK. I got a Vodafone pay as you go Sim card from Tesco and set up. The problem I found was the IP address range was private and I don't know how to reach it to transfer data so I tried the HTTP route and grab data with a PHP script and this seems to work. I can talk to the module with AT commands and it returns information about the modules with no problems.


So to move on with my project that will end up in Canada and to get data flowing both ways I got hold of a Rogers Sim kit with Jasper Wireless cards. There is very little information about these cards in the kit other than a number on the cards, a username and password for the site and APN. I put the card in the Sim module and the module attached. It won't talk via AT commands, it gives me nothing back when I request a IP or sig level etc. The control centre web site tools says a session has connected etc. I don't see why I can't get AT command response with this SIM. Any ideas what is going on?? Jasper had to change the card state to use them in the UK, I guess to roam.