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Legacy BSS hampering communication service providers to compete effectively.


All the various reasons why capabilities within Jasper Wireless' Control Center platform is good for wireless operators -

Biting the BSS Bullet -

"real-time issues" are hampering the ability of CSPs to compete effectively and that legacy BSS systems are inhibiting their ability to support the innovative charging schemes that could help generate new services and revenue opportunities.

"Operators will need to adopt software systems that will allow for control and visibility," notes the report's author, senior analyst Ari Banerjee. "Their disparate, siloed back-office systems will not be able to help with their rapidly changing business models," he adds.

Shortcomings of a legacy BSS-

.......How long does it take to introduce a new data plan today?........

20% - 1-3 months
26% - 6-9 months
54% - 3-6 months