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How to send data to a web server using HTTP GET and POST, AT commands and SIM900A module?


i need to send data to server by using gprs module sim900A

so please show me AT command set for Sim900A module


i m using following at commands for tcp/ip communication




AT+CIPSPRT=1 0x0D          //set promot >


AT+CIPSRIP=1 0x0D          //display ip or port of sender when receive data from server ip


AT+CIPHEAD=1 0x0D          //add ip head when data receive


AT+CSTT="internet","",""0x0D          //set apn


AT+CIICR 0x0D                    //bring up wireless network


AT+CIFSR 0x0D                    //get local ip


AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","80"$0D          //connect remote server


AT+CIPSEND$0D                    //send data to remote server




now what is additional Requied at command  for using http GET/POST method