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Traffic Control for Self-Reproducing Cars


I have at least one question pertinent to this group's interests. Please visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/dgoncz to find my new LinkedIn Group, Self-Reproducing Cars (one for everyone), and then write here.


It's an ethics question:


Should self-reproducing cars, have priority over other road traffic in a manner analgous to police, fire, and emergency vehicles?


Secondly, in a well-developed connected traffic control system, would what I am misnaming here "The California Effect' show up, and make all the progress for nothing? The California Effect....oh, wait, I think it's called the Seatbelt Effect. When seatbelts were made mandatory and deployed to all drivers and passengers, the death rate did not decrease, because drivers and passenger, emboldened by their shiny new safety equipment, took on more risk. And in California, when the electric utility gave away thousands of efficient CFL bulbs, gross demand did not decrease, because users left their lights on longer. I wonder if a well-developed traffic control system would just give permission for more people to have more babies, build more homes, and clog more roads.