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Jasper API



I am new to M2M development, and I got to know that I have to use Jasper. But I couldn't fine the Jasper API documentation. Can anybody tell me how to get that. I tried to get the development kit, but for now I need it to R&D purpose. I need Jasper to know the what are the functionality it provides and what is the way?


Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Kamal


    The Jasper API documentation is available through access to a Dev Kit, or a corporate login. If you're going to be using Jasper, then ask for a login and the documents are there.


    If you need a stand alone dev kit, let me know your location and I'll pass over your details to a local partner operator


    Best regards


    Tim S

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      Hi Tim,


      Do you know if there is any feature in the PUSH API's SESSION_STOP eventid that returns the data usage of that terminated session? Or any other method of getting the individual connections' usage? The only option I found was to download the detailed usage, but it always returns the whole month's billing cycle.


      Thanks for any advise