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New to wireless, seeking suggestions for M2M solution


I am a relatively new engineer and have no experience with wireless technologies but need to implement wireless machine control on a product line that has always been controlled via hardwired controls.  I'd love to hear some suggestions for wireless modules that I should be looking at for simple point to point control.  I have no need to get on any kind of network (like GSM or WiFi), just a simple point to point solution.  Distance-wise a range of maybe 500 ft. would be a good starting point.  I've seen modules out there that can be populated onto a board and interfaced with a microcontroller via UART/SPI/I2C/CAN, etc. and would like to be able to use something along those lines.


One concern I have is security.  The machines this will be controlling generate high levels of x-ray radiation so the link needs to be secure for safety reasons, and will also be marketed to the military so would eventually need to conform to any standards that arise there (though this isn't necessarily a requirment for the proof of concept).  Anyways, any suggestions for off-the-shelf solutions that I should be looking at would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!