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tracking by gm862-gps-how to convert from dddmm.mmmm to real on vb.net?


as I summed up in the title I developed a geolocation application with vb.net, mysql, on which, the tracking is done via the GM862-GPS module by the use of the $ GPSACP command which gives the lat/long result to send an sms containing utc time in hh: mm: ss.sss, the latitude in size [B] DDMM.MMMM [/ B] N / S, longitude in size [B] dddmm.mmmm [/ B] E / W ..........

I created a windows form interface by dividing it into two split containers: the first one is to enter search keywords (city, street or lat/long), and the second that shows the google map as a response to research by latitude and longitude, and this is where I find my self bloqued and ask my question:

I defined two text boxes for lat and aconvert button, two text boxes for long and a convert button to convert the data value GM862-gps DDMM.MMMM in a real number and click search to find the map as a result to the lat and long queries: if I input the dddmm.mmmm format without conversion, the  mapping doesen't work, but if i insert real values it works, then how should I do to convert this format to a real number? thank you in advance:)