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How to save or to bypass the American PTCRB approval?

Harald Naumann Master

The PTRCB approval includes TRP and TIS. TRP and TIS are related to the size of the ground plane and small emergency devices like a GSM watch can´t offer a reasonable ground plane.


GSM watch in detail

Does it mean that a small emergency device to protect children or a dog collar to track your dog can´t be launched in US? This can´t be true, because the Americans love their kids and pets as well.

So where is the way out of the jungle? Which piece of paper where to sign? How to launch a small or ultra small GSM device in US?
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    Hi Harald,


    Indeed, we do love our children and pets too. :-)


    You've highlighted an issue that I've seen many times over for tracking devices big and small.  However, PTCRB approval isn't the issue.  It's the operator certification that generally causes delays and leads to added costs.  PTCRB is mandatory, but if your design is reasonable, other than the costs, you shouldn't have a problem.


    On the other hand, you can pass PTCRB only to find out you don't meet the operator's TRP and/or TIS requirements. (Note - Check the operator's requirements prior to PTCRB testing.) This typically requires a redesign of the antenna, which requires further PTCRB testing.  This can be a vicious cycle, as getting the antenna performance within spec often requires many iterations, especially for small devices.


    As far as getting around the requirements, some operators don't have requirements beyond PTCRB.  For those that do have their own requirements, they have seen the challenges with smaller devices, but there are smaller devices that meet their specs. 


    I know this doesn't help you get around meeting the requirements, but I hope it gives you another perspective.




  • How to save or to bypass the American PTCRB approval?
    Harald Naumann Master

    Sujeet, I am aware what the PTCRB will cover. PTCRB and further approvals are mentioned in my M2M IoT Cookbook:

    Something with PTRCB is wrong. If you compare the list of tested devices with the number of devices in use, then the number of not listed devices is much bigger.Just to let you now that I own the TRP/TIS specification of AT&T and Vodafone as well.I would like to save money like all the other people that has delivered non PTCRB devices to US.