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how to link gm862-gps to a vb.net application?


Hi everybody

on one side, i've developped a python code for tracking and sending sms  then implemented it on the gm862-gps module

on the other side i've developped a vb.net window application, on which we can manage the tracking history and the instontaneous one

now i'm stuck: how should i make the gm862-gps module send the sms to the local host, on which the window form vb.net application is running, without being linked through the rs232 connector? i mean tha i would like to make the gm862-gps module (without being connected to the evk) to send automatically the sms to the local machine, on which the latitude and the longitude will be automatically added to the tracking interface to show the map of the location?

waiting for your help, and thanks in advance

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    Is your host machine connected to the cellular network in any way, or does is just have an internet connection?




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    the GM862-GPS is a hardware module with support for connecting to the GSM (mobile phone) network and receiving GPS position data. It also includes a Python interpreter, this combination makes it the perfect choice for building a tracker.

    i'm developping a tracking application with two sides: python scrpit for the gm862-gps module, and a weblocation window application with vb.net

    in the desktop application at least, i started developping and felt it easy but long, BUT on the python script i did not understan what should i write,

    i'm looking for writing a code which translates the algorythm of:

    epsilon= llong2-long1l/2, if =0 =>same position, if <>0 =>theft and need to be tracked through the webbrowser sub_widow

    welcome to any kind of help u'll suggest to me

    thanks in advance