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How a good embedded antenna design will look like?

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Embedded antenna design examples


PCB antenna GSM UMTS HSPA 300x256 How a good embedded antenna design will look like? EA#


  • PCB antenna dualband 
  • Type: Inverted F antenna
  • Multiband (e.g. GSM 900 / 1800 or GSM 850 / 1900)
  • Easy to tune on center frequency
  • Easy to tune on antenna impedance
  • Size of antenna structure: 50mm x 10 mm
  • Size of ground plane: 50 mm x 90 mm
  • Size of hole PCB: 50 mm x 100 mm

This M2M device was designed by following all important rules for embedded antenna design. The developer got advice by an engineener with skills in antennas and long time expierence in development of M2M devices. In this M2M design, the embedded PCB antenna was selected first. The ground plane lenght was selected by the lowest to frequency to transive. If you have a closer look, then you will see that there is no holes for screws in the corners of the device. The ***** is very close to the radiator for GSM 850 / 950 will be made in plastic. This will help to minimise the parasitc load to the antenna. Between the GSM module and the embedded PCB antenna is a semicondutor that works as a 50 Ohm switch to an external antenna. The first quick performance test with the embedded channel scanner of the GSM module. The scanning with external magnetic mount GSM antenna on big metal plate to get best ground plane parallel to the embedded PCB antennas has shown, that the embedded GSM antenna catch more GSM base stations then magnetic mount antennas. The M2M device is in use in inside vending mashines. Even inside the signal strenght is high enough to save the USD 4 for the external magnetic mount antenna, the drilling of holes at vending mashines and the manual work for mounting antenna and coaxial cables. This saves further USD 8. All together the solution saves USD 12. The size of the first project is 4000 vending machines. This project customer will save USD 12 x 4000 = USD 48.000 with the first vending project.
Do not hesitate to drop an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de to get advice on how to design a M2M device. On request you can get the contact details of this project customer as well.