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MC7700 succefully connected to GSM! Need LTE...




I am running an Ubuntu OS and I have been able to successfully install and configure a MC7700. Currently I receive full data service on AT&T's GSM network. I need the modem though to connect with AT&T's LTE network. I am having trouble finding material on this.


Any advice or direction toward tutorials and such would be appreciated.




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    Adding more info:

    We are running the latest linux ubuntu version. We have successfully connected with several non-LTE technologies. We are using AT commands to communicate with the modem. For example the normal process of connecting to the internet that we have been using (AT commands) is:


    1) AT!GSTATUS?

    this checks a bunch of information regarding connection. When the computer boots and all our settings are good, we are able to connect to the internet automatically.


    2) AT!SELRAT=<n>

         so far, we have been using n = 5, 6, and 7 ("GSM and UMTS Only", "LTE Only", and "GSM, UMTS, LTE", respectively). Only 5 and 7 have been able to connect to the internet. When 6 is selected ("LTE Only") we have tried everything but with no success.


    3) AT!SCPROF=<pid>,"",1,0,0,0

       our pid is set up as:

         AT+CGDCONT=<pid>,"IP","Broadband", since we are using AT&T


    4) AT!SCACT=1,<pid>

        this is one of the problematic steps when using "LTE only". it has worked in the past but it is not working any more.


    5) AT+CGATT=1

        this one almost never works in "LTE only" mode.



    These are the steps we take to get internet connectivity with the non-LTE technologies. We are wondering what additional steps or settings we have to change in order to connect to LTE. Any help is appreciated.

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      Nice job Corey. I'm also working w/ the MC7700 and will be moving towards LTE connections. It's nice to find someone else going through the same process.


      We are using Ubuntu and embedded debian. I have been using the Sierra Wireless dev board and some custom embedded hardware. I have been able to get full connection to AT&T with the UMTS data session. Sierra Wireless recommends, to me anyway, using the Gobi API's and moving away from the AT command set.


      If you can use the API's and SDK, you might have more flexibility. The SDK takes some effort past the AT commands but Sierra Wireless has made it clear to me that is the recommend approach.


      I hope that helps. I'll post here also as I move along.

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