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New to all this.  Looking for an overview of how this might be done.


Hey all,


Okay we were paying a 3rd party to Send  SMS messages to our systems which we would process and then send an automated response back to the phone.  The cost was a about $80K.


I am wondering if there is a way we can buy a server or something to do the same function but host it ourselves.


I would also want it to take in sms messages, store them in a mailbox sort of an entity, and have people monitor that mailbox and reply to the question  using a PC but then the response would be sent back to the phone via SMS.  Then the phone could replay back and it would go to the same mailbox type entity and some one would reply.  The the user on the phone it would function like any other sms text conversation.


Just a couple of our needs.


So is there anything out there that we can buy that does this.



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    Hi Dave,


    If it's about people sending SMS's into your central system, or your staff sending SMS replies back to mobile phones, you might have more luck doing a Google search for 'SMS Marketing' or 'SMS Gateway'. There are hundreds of PC apps, web apps and managed service providers in the market. The B2B team of your mobile phone provider may also be able to recommend some names.


    Unless you have the skills to develop and support the solution internally, tou may want to consider whether a web based solution would be more practical. It may also depend on your capex/opex situation and the volume of traffic.


    Whichever solution you go for, the interface to the SMS Gateway provider will be important. Pricing will depend on volume, the destination of the mobiles (international or domestic?), etc.


    Best regards,