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NFC + GSM module

zaar Newbie



I am looking for a NFC + GSM module, best all-in-one.

Smaller = better

Cheaper = better

Low energy, battery powered = better

But ...

If you got huge, expensive and energy hungry solution drop me a line too


Any recommendations will be appreciated.



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    Abraham Rullamas Newbie

    Dear Art,


    I am proposing to custom made your requirement using our GSM module. We develop and manufacture our modules, and we also have the RnD team to support and develop the design of products applicable to Wireless technology. Please get in touch if you are interested: aberullamas@triones.com.cn

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    john wang Newbie

    Dear Art,,

    The  size of device is decided  by  the  size of the battery.  So  the smaller device,the  smaller battery volume.  The price is mainly decided  by  the GSM module  selected.   info@haoyang-international.com  may  help  you.

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    rmorgan Novice

    Hi Art, seems to me that you might be looking for a GSM terminal gateway with NFC and battery, instead of just a board level module, is that right?

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    Harald Naumann Expert
    I am looking for a NFC + GSM module, best all-in-one.

    Smaller = better

    Cheaper = better

    Low energy, battery powered = better

    We all can´t cheat the physics. If you reduce the ground plane to much, the the antenna efficiency will shrink If you shrink to hard, than it is inverse to Low Energy, because the power level of the GSM module will rise.


    Cheap is relative. Anyhow, the GSM and the NFC antenna will be in my design free of charge. It can be a part of the main PCB.
    Example for embedded GSM antenna:

    The NFC antenna we can copy from a reference design of a NFC reader. The evaluation kits for NFC reader my customers can get free of charge at the exhibition Embedded World in Nuremberg/Germany..


    Low Energy
    The lowest Energy you will reach by using of USSD. USSD is much faster than SMS. A USSD message travels 1 second instead of 6 to 10 sec, min, hours, weeks or month with SMS.


    Some further NFC stuff you get at the blog listed here: http://www.gsm-modem.de/M2M/tag/nfc/

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    Willy Wang Newbie

    Hi Art,


    Could I know what's your application scenario for this module, if the business mode is good, and the product has very good market prospect, we can consider to design a module special for you.


    From what I know, there is no GSM module which integrate NFC in, and NFC is becoming more and more popular now, and we are open to discuss on this topic and see if there is anything interesting that we can do together.


    By the way, let me introduce myself in here:

    I am Willy from Asiatelco, Oversea sales, and Asiatelco is wireless terminal provider which can offer 2G(GSM, CDMA1x)/3G(EVDO,UMTS)/4G (TDD,FDD LTE) terminal, which include M2M module, USB dongle, Wi-Fi CPE,mobile hotspot,and mobile phone special for CDMA 450MHz market.

    you can know more information about our company on our website: www.asiatelco.com

    my email: wlwang@asiatelco.com

    Skype: wirelesswang


    Many Thanks,


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    zaar Newbie

    Thx for all.