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PLC on a Mobile network?




I am very new to this forum and this is my first post.  Maybe somebody can give me some direction.


I have a PLC with an ethernet port and static IP address.  I will be installing this same PLC in multiple building in my city.  I need to access the data stored on the PLC remotely and be able to download new programs to it.  I am not able to use the building's network so I want to use a cellular network.


I imagine I will need a 2g/3g router and modem combination.  I also imagine I would need a sim card with a public IP address.


I know there is solutions for this out there, but from what I saw all of the m2m router/modems are industrial grade and cost more than I want to spend for this application.  The router/modem would be in a safe indoor environment.


I am looking to spend around $150 for the router/modem or other recommended hardware and up $40 for ongoing data services.


Is this even possible to find a low cost hardware setup like this? 


If it is, could somebody please recommend a product and where to get it?  Is there any easier way to do this?


Thanks in advance for any help


BTW I am located in the United States.

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    Hi David


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      The only thing is I need a router that has been PTCRB certified.

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        Hi David


        About the PTCRB certificate, I think I should explain like this. You know 3G router is embeded with 3G module. While these modules are made by Huawei, ZTE, Sierra, and so on. And they have applied all certificates(like CE, FCC, PTCRB). So you don't need to worry whether they can work with local carrier.



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          The device's module must be PTCRB certified, but the device/router must be certified as well.  All 2G/3G carriers in the US require the device to be PTCRB certified.  In addition, check with your carrier to see if they require carrier approval.


          In general, your price point is low.  The only prices I've seen at that level ($150) were cases where individual companies manufactured their own devices and their volumes were 100K+.  As a point of reference for market prices, contact Sierra, CalAmp, and Cisco.



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    We have extensive experience in this field and are delivering M2M solutions using the Mitsubishi range of PLC's to industrial customers. We have developed function blocks and a driver for our SCADA system (Adroit) that deal with all the complex issues of communicating over cellular networks. The most important aspect being that you don't need a fixed IP for your PLC and can use any data contract. Your SCADA requires a fixed IP. In essence the PLC establishes connection to the SCADA whenever it gets a link, the link is maintained and there is very small amounts of data sent to tell the SCADA that the unit is on-line. Data can be sent by exception (alarms/events) and non-critical data simply fills a buffer and can be snt at various levels of fullness of that buffer. You can poll for data at anytime etc.


    It will also work with any router although if you need to be able to program the PLC over the network you need the ability to establish a serial communications link. We have used the MR900 modem from eTung in China and this is working very well and meets your price point at around US$200. Moxa also have a router that will work and this is under trial.


    The system works with the FX, L and Q Series of PLC's.


    Hope this is of use.