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JPEG camera - wireless - ready to copy

Harald Naumann Master

Features of the JPEG camera

  • JPEG camera with ZigBee connectivity (easy to replace to GPRS or Bluetooth 4.0)
  • MicroSD card and ZigBee module in evaluation kit included
  • JPEG camera unit can be powered either by USB or battery

JPEG camera ZigBee 300x223 JPEG camera   wireless

JPEG camera - wireless on ZigBee


The ZigBee module can be replaced to GPRS, Bluetooth 4.0 or and other radio module easy. The pictures are transferred in JPEG format, which helps to decrease transfer time on the ZigBee or GPRS network. The JPEG camera unit can also record these pictures in the on-board memory (microSD card) using the FAT file system. The developer can record these JPEG at the click of a button. Other options is to record the picture when motion is detected by the JPEG camera (e.g by PIR sensor).
These features render the system suitable for applications where certain areas require wireless monitoring, such as door phones, baby monitoring systems or tracking of taxis.

If you want for more details about the JPEG camera, a free of charge webinar, a study, a research, a prototype or a development of a wireless M2M product then just send an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de