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GPRS IP Modem for Power Switch Monitoring System




Currently with the transformation and development of grid network in every area, the middle of 10KV distribution lines of contact and segment are growing, line is becoming more and more complex, relying on the pole vacuum switch, when the line load and fault, switch will automatically trip off protection grid security

However, current power grid monitoring and management system exists the following problems:

         1. Column switch of the power distribution network has not monitoring equipment, which can not monitor sub-column switch open / close status information

         2.Multi-grid distribution locates in remote areas, when the column switch tripping power outages due to failures and other reasons, the system can not determine accurate location of the failure, only rely workers to find it out one by one, which cause a lot of difficulties for timely repair and restoration of electricity

         3.The system can not meet the monitoring and management needs of the different agencies of the power sector, low inefficiency

         4.System network is not flexible, high maintenance cost, poor scalability



    System Architecture Requirements


         1. The column switch points / closing status information real-time monitoring and alarm, can monitor current, voltage security, threshold, and etc

         2.GPRS wireless networking, the system is simple and reliable, information transmission is stable and reliable

         3. Meet multiple data centers communication, and send the column switch monitoring information to different departments




        1. Column switch monitoring terminals connect to GPRS IP modem via RS232/485 serial port, the modem transfer the data to the center via GPRS network after receiving the information of monitoring terminals

        2. GPRS IP modem supports up to five data center simultaneous transmission, can meet the needs of different department in the electricity sector

3.Transparent transmission mechanism to send the information to the center without any change, in order not to causepackage data errors

4.Using GPRS communication, networking is simple and effective, stable and reliable data transmission


GPRS IP Modem Features


    1. Taking the initiative to report, GPRS IP Modem initiative to send the monitoring information and alarm to the center, to real time upgrade on-off monitoring and alarm of grid column switch

        2. Mature GPRS communication network, networking is simple and effective, stable and reliable data transmission

3. 5 channel I / O ports, five digital input and output, not only to monitor the column switch information, but also to monitor other information, such as current, voltage threshold, the system is flexible and scalable

4. supports main and sidedual center backup transmission, and communication is up to five data centers, simultaneous transfer the information at the first time of distribution network to the relevant departments to enhance the capacity of the grid joint management

5. adapts industrial-grade transmission communication module, is able to adapt to the grid column switch distribution in remote and harsh environment conditions to ensure stability and reliabilityof the system