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Provision of services to visiting MS without roaming contract


Hi everyone,


Shall be thankful for answers or directions where to dig for the following question (I am not technician, so forgive me for somewhat "on the surface" formulation of question):


Provided I am mobile operator and I have visiting MS, can I technically provide services to MS without roaming contract? I understand that I will not be able to bill the user, that is not of concern, I still want to provide services. Selection of my network could be done manually, thus I am not much concerned about forbidden network file on SIM too.


I know that "update location" sends IMSI/Ki (well, I am not sure if that is IMSI or TMSI) that hosting VLR receives. Obviously, I will not be able to "handshake" with (U)SIM Ki without access to HLR of visitor operator.


Will this, however, prevent me from having some ID tag (IMSI... or IMEI in very worst case) and will this prevent me from being able to deliver voice, SMS and data services?


I also understand that visitor would not be reachable on ordinary MSISND, but that is not my concern either. I just want user to be able to access data services to be frank.



Thank you very much in advance,



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    Hello Tomas,


    Happy to discuss and help if I can.  I believe that you will find that unless the operators have a Roaming Agreement that the handset will not have been loaded with the necessary PRL/IR information for that device to even register on the Roaming Partners' Network for conventional services.  There have been some products (e.g. legacy ARNI) that enabled operators to allow subscribers to roam on their network (Pay In Advance) when there is no other authorized network but it may or may not be applicable here.  I know some engineers that would be happy to explain the options better if you would like to speak with them.  Best to you, Lee