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voice call telit uc864-g


Hi there,


I am working on a project and I am using the uc864g modem. what I reached for a moment is to set up the board and send some basic AT commands.


I read the telit 864g software user guide and there is mentioned that uc864g has has 2 variants, one of them AT&T and one from Telstra. First of all, how can I check which one I have, because I took that project from other guys I am not sure which version of uc864g I have?

Interestingly, I can see the details of the mobile registration using: AT+CREG? and signal strength using: AT+CSQ and I am getting +CREG 0,1 and +CSQ 16,99 (value varies from 13,99-16,99) respectively.

However, when I try AT#MONI? after AT+MONI=0 command, I get ERROR (I mean error for at#moni? command). Can you explain me why?

The major issue that I am facing now is that I cant make a voice call, as I type ATD <phone number>, I get NO CARRIER, which states that I have problem on mobile registration and signal strength. isnt it AT+CREG is mobile registration?