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Certification -- interchangeable modules


Hi, all


Hopefully, someone can answer the question for me, because I am completely lost.

We developed a modem and our main value-add is in application-specific software. Modem itself consists of a single-board computer (ALIX6 board from PC Engines) and 3G radio module in compact-PCI slot. Main board itself carries CE and FCC approvals. 3G module has CE, FCC and PTCRB approvals.

Our plan is to sell the modem in different countries and replace 3G module as required. Given it is cPCI-E form-factor, exchange is easy. We would like to use different 3G and LTE modules in USA (all approved), but not clear what do we do with unit itself.


As far as i understand, we have to go through FCC 15 Part B for complete modem and PTCRB for complete modem. Once we are through, are we allowed to exchange the modules or change their firmware? As far as I can see, this is no different from a laptop that uses same module. Any module can be installed without need for re-approval, right?


So. can someone tell me or point me to the document that describes this situation?




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    Hi Rudolf,


    You can label your equipment as  "contains module with FCC-ID: FCC-ID OF THE MODULE YOU USE", and then go through a modular certification approach, not applying for your own FCC-ID. For this verification is required, and it should be enough with FCC 15 Part B, as you suggest, and if required some PTCRB test (not everything as you are using a PTCRB certified solution), but I´m afraid that you will have to verify this anytime yor replace the module for a different one, as it´s a different product.

    You could also apply for your own FCC-ID, but in this case, proccess is more complicated and it has to follow all FCC requirements and proccess for the application.


    Sure any Lab could be much more helpful in this particular than me, but hope this helps you.