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900Mhz GSM Service for M2M & Container Monitoring Devices - AT SEA !!


Vobal Technologies (www.vobal.com) has announced the availability of CargoGSM, a new maritime communication service which enables 24/7 real time connectivity with various devices and technologies being tranported on merchant cargo ships.


Typically, these are container monitoring devices and/or Reefer Container M2M devices which are designed to communicate over terrestrial GSM networks.  


CargoGSM provides the capability for these devices to remain active and exchanging data while the vessel is at sea, using Vobal's Maritime GSM Network.


For more details, please contact me directly.  wkane@vobal.com


For the sake of discussion, we believe our product provides a valuable service in the logistics chain and will allow manufacturers of M2M hardware and/or monitoring services to expand their offerings to customers if GSM communications with cargo containers or other monitoring requirements at sea can be easily established.


Any thoughts on this subject are welcome and sincerely appreciated.



Walter Kane

VP Sales

Vobal Technologies

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