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M2M Device Behaviour


1st time post here...From the operators capacity viewpoint, Is it fair to say that the majority of transactions for M2M device are uplink data connections for tracking/metering ?


I'm just wondering are there many M2M devices out there that are GPRS devices only, ie. they will not attach to the circuit switched (CS)network but just to GPRS network  (Packet switched or PS network) ? I understand that the majority of devices are GPRS class B and so do both a CS & PS attach.


Where i'm coming from is, if the majority of connections from M2M devices are only used for uplink data connections, it places unnceesary load on mobile operators circuit switched elements, MSC\VLRs etc


Also, are the main reasons for the CS piece for SMS capability to wake the device up when the GPRS sessions is lost and to allow the device upload data in the event of poor GPRS coverage ?



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    Hi Kevin,

    One of the main reason why M2M applications are using SMS together with GPRS is indeed that network initiated GPRS sessions are usually not supported by GPRS networks. Therefore servers need a way to ask the unit to go into a GPRS session and this is usually done via SMS or CSD. Other cellular technologies like CDMA do support network initiated and do not need SMS or CSD.

    One interesting downlink traffic is firmware update, very important to implement for M2M applications.

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      There are an increasing amount of M2M applications making heavier use of the downlink - examples are digital signage, or consumer electronics devices like eReaders

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    As noted, SMS is the primary driver for M2M devices being Class B.  In addition to providing the shoulder tap functionality, operators use special SMS messages (SIM OTAs) for managing the content on and configuration of the SIM.  Since SMS over GPRS is not widely supported, SMS over CS is required.



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    Hi Kevin,


    Here is a device that is intended only for a GPRS network.  It is configured over a serial connection.  You can use it with M2M RTU Center Software on a PC and you can access serial devices at remote locations with it.


    GT-540P: $679.00    Wireless Intelligent GPRS Remote Terminal Unit with GPS and 2G micro SD card for remote monitoring applications. Ideal for Vehicle Tracking. Has 6 DI, 2 DO, and 1 AI


    applications 2



    M2M RTU Center: Free    M2M RTU Series Management Software




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