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Telit GE864-GPS Network Registration failing


I have a device with Telit's GE864-GPS and an unlocked SIM from T-Mobile and Airtel. 


Using the Airtel SIM (on AT&T network), the device works(sends an SMS) from location #1.

The device is able to register on the network (STAT signal ~20% duty cycle)


The network registration fails for this device at location #1. The STAT signal is with 50% duty cycle.

CREG response is CREG: 0,3 meaning the network registration is being denied.

CSQ? returns a rssi value of 15.

But I am able to make a phone call / send SMS from a cell phone using this SIM.


If I take the device to location #2, my device works fine (able to send messages and network) with BOTH the SIMs.


Can someone tell me what could be the issue and how to solve it?

Am I missing some AT commands to register on the nw?

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    Hi Vishal,


    If you're able to make a voice call and send SMS with the same SIM, that's an indicator that you should be able to register in the area.  My recommendation is to first confirm that the Telit module is attempting to register on the right network (AT&T).  For this, issue "AT+COPS-?" to find all of the networks available.  Then, "AT+COPS=1,2,"310410" to force the device to attempt to register on AT&T.  Try that and let me know what you get.