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DTU  Data in PROT mode


DTU Data in PROT mode


       DTU sends three types of data packets to data center in total when working in PORT modethe registration packet when first regist,the data packet that including application data,the heartbeat packet that maintain links.The format description of three types of packets as follow:

  1. 1.The registration packet when first regist:







4 bytes     11 bytes           1 byte   4 bytes 1 byte


     ID:                                    8 bits of HEXID number

PHONE_NUMBER:               11 bits of ASCII code of mobile phone number.

IP_ADD:                             Dynamic IP address(HEX)

ETX:                                   0x00 means the end of the data


For Example: 78 56 34 12 31 33 30 36 36 36 36 38 38 38 38 00 c0 a8 01 42 00

Analytic as follows:

78 56 34 12 Means ID number is: 0x78563412 (4 byte in total)

31 33 30 36 36 36 36 38 38 38 38 Means mobile phone number is13066668888

c0 a8 01 42 Means IP address is192.168.1.66


According to your configuration of data center IP and port, DTU will connect to data center automatic after power on. Once TCP link establish success, DTU will send first registration packet that including the basic information of DTU, then it will send data packet of application and heartbeat packet that maintain link.


  1. 2. The data packet that including application data:

In the mode of PROT,It will go on data changing when DTU send data and receive data form data center,the data changing role as follow:

  • (1) When DTU sending data to data center,it change all of the 0xfd to 0xfd0xed first,and change all of the 0xfe to oxfdoxee.
  • (2) When DTU receiving data from data center,it change all of the 0xfdoxed to oxfd first,and change all of the 0xfd0xee to 0xfe.
  • (3) Our dynamic library has done the reverse data changing when receiving data,so the packet is completely transparent when using our dynamic library to send and receive data. You must do the reverse data changing in your program if you don’t using the dynamic library we provided,that means change all of the 0xfd0xed to 0xfd first and change all of the 0xfd0xee to 0xfe when the data center receiving data.And change all of the 0xfd to 0xfd0xed first and change all of the 0xfe to 0xfd0xee when sending data to DTU.
  1. 3. The heartbeat packet:

In order to maintain links, DTU will send 1 byte hearthbeat packet to data center periodic:0xfe

This byte data has been filtered in the dynamic library that we provide.

       NoteAfter DTU login in the data center software.Sending character string “***COMMIT CONFIG***” by using data center software, DTU will enter remote configuration state. Then we can set the DTU configuration by sending AT commands remotely.


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