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OTA for M2M end products



Does anyone have experience of the OTA testing or BER performance test of M2M end products ?

In my understanding, OTA test defined by CTIA is for handset.

I want to know how to test the M2M end product communication quality.



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    Luciano Cesar Alakija Palma Newbie

    Hi Key


    Actually, OTA is applied for any wireless device, being handset or M2M device.


    You are correct that primary OTA were focused on Handsets(especially due to volumes) but main carriers define their OTA limits for any device.


    You may have specific info by contacting test services companies like 7layers or cetecom.


    We at Ethertronics as antenna especialists,  can also help you, not only because we already have experience from handsets, but also M2M devices like trackers, POS, meters, industrial, healthcare, etc. We have Design Centers around the world, including the one in San Diego.


    Please let me know how we can help you. Both at design phase (you may be interested in our antennas) and testing.


    I am based in Brazil, but our team in USA, Europe or Asia have both infrastructure and experience on OTA testing.




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    Hi Kei,


    Luciano offered some sound advice.  7 Layers and Cetecom have test programs specifically for M2M devices. Also, I recommend contacting the operator you planned to deploy on, as they will most likely have specific requirements, particularly for TRP & TIS.  Often manufacturers contact the operator after they've completed their design only to find out they don't meet the operators requirements.  Then, they're forced to redesign and redo certificaitons (FCC, IC, PTCRB).


    Good luck!



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    Hi Kei,


    We at Taoglas specialize in antennas for M2M applications AND optimizing M2M devices for OTA performance. Current USA operator OTA requirements are based on the handset so if your device moves away from that configuration your antenna selection and integration becomes critical. We focus on maximizing your TRP and TIS through selecting the correct antenna and ensuring your device is optimized from a RF design perspective. It is an exercise well worth going through regardless of what certification you need as it simply makes your device better. Please contact me for more information and on how we can apply our experience from working on hundreds of M2M projects over the years to your own project,


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    The CTIA ERP working group continues to make progress towards defining a better process for testing M2M devices.  If you're not already following the work of this group, I highly recommend that you start. If you're in M2M, this work will impact you.