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Frequent error accessing SIM on XT65 / EGS5 (Cinterion)



among a few of our clients, we're recording some strange behaviour on a range of products based on XT65 and EGS5 from Cinterion (modules based on Java). It usually happens that while normally communicating with GPRS, the module raises URCs indicating problems with SIM (SCKS: 0 and/or SCKS: 2) and this happens in random times, apparently not related to network / environmental / vibrations / power supply. The frequency is very low (less than 0,1%), but still of course annoying. Sometimes it recovers without any action (strange again: from SCKS: 2 to SCKS: 1), some other times with reboot.


We're starting investigating deeper and of course some software (Java) error can be the explanation, but in the meantime, anyone has ideas with regards to this or similar issue?

Thanks S.

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    Hi Stefano,

    Can you provide more details on the actual EGS5 and XT65 based devices:

    - manufacturer

    - device name

    Also it would be interesting to know:

    - which network / sim provider ?

    - in which location

    It could be an issue related to the sim integration, or poor electrical contacts with the sim.

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      Thanks Loic. Unfortunately I can't give names / models of devices, we're consultants asked to investigate on defects by a couple of different manufacturers with similar problems, under privacy statements.


      - SIM integration and contacts: in all cases severe electrical and mechanical tests have been carried on, and we identified a few situations where the products are in a very quiet environment.

      - operator: four / five major European roaming operators.

      - location: Italy mainly but also cross country while traveling.


      After a first review of the statistics it seems to us that it may be the case of a wrong or dangerous init sequence in the java firmware; actually the only common point of the different models and clients is the origin of the java applications running there. Examining the sequence (power up, PIN command, first inits) nothing strange emerges and this is why i'm asking here if anything special should be taken into account based on similar experiences.


      Thanks S