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jasper tcp/ip "mobile termination" "ip address"


I am working on an application where the "server" application makes a TCP/IP connection to the mobile terminal in order to query its status.  The network is AT&T using the Jasper Wireless platform.   I cannot see how to obtain the IP address for the MT.   The IP address shown in the Jasper Control Center for the device is a private address and, of course, that is not publically routable.  I can't use that.    I presume that there is a public address for the MT which is NAT-ed to the private address, but what is the Jasper API call or other method of determining that IP address?

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    Hello, I will respond to you privately since there are a couple questions I need to ask you about.

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    Ken Wells works for Jasper Wireless, apparently, and I am looking forward to hearing from him.   Since this is a real project and I actually need the answer, I continued my search, a little disappointed at how hard it has been to get the answer so far. Jasper sends developers to this website for help, but when you get here, there doesn't seem to be much of a community answering questions about specific Jasper Wireless questions.  In fact, in searching around on m2m.com, one finds quite a few threads where Jasper-related questions are answered with a somewhat dismissive "This isn't a Jasper-specific site.  You should contact Jasper Technical Support".   Apparently, m2m.com is a website where you can discuss m2m in general, but you can't get too specific.


    Anyway, that is just me venting a little.   I don't know the answer to the question yet, but there is a video on YouTube featuring a Jasper Wireless engineer (not identified  as such) talking about how the IP connection is established to the mobile terminal in GSM/GPRS networks.  Because the MT ends up with a private IP address, it has to be accessed either via NAT or via a VPN.  Elsewhere, this same person (identified this time as being from Jasper) comments that Jasper has set up literally  "hundreds" of VPN's for it customers.   And if you look at Jasper job postings, you see lots of postings for network engineers with VPN experience.    Finally, I learned that at least some Jasper customers have Jasper-provided Cisco hardware in their racks.  One of my contacts called this an "APN".  I think maybe these Cisco boxes are APN's, and that connections to the MT's go through those.  So apparently there is a solution, but it is a bit of a secret.   Eventually, I'll hear from Jasper, or maybe I'll  have to break down and spend some time in voice-mail hell trying to get the answer from their Technical Support.

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      Hi Brian,


      You are correct in that this site is not for Jasper-specific questions.  Rather, it's intended for general M2M questions.  I trust my colleague, Ken, has addressed your questions.  I'll add a posting to address your question for others that may come looking for the answer on this site.


      Regarding the Cisco boxes, they are VPN routers.  APN stands for Access Point Name, which is the network identifier that is mainly used to determine your IP addressing (dynamic or static and public or private).


      Good luck!