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Wireless M2M events in 2012 – free of charge yet

Harald Naumann Master

I am proud that I can offer a big bundle of events related to  wireless in 2012 to you. Don´t miss the chance. Next events will be the free of charge webinar  about GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS) on the 27th. of January and the LTE Seminar in Berlin 20.02.2012.

  • To the webinars every M2M developer from any place at this nice planet can be joined free of charge.The webinars are offered in English language.
  • The “Wireless Roadshow” in Berlin and Düsseldorf will be offered in  English language as well. It takes 3 days by 8 hours. 24 hours training free of charge.  Only the intro may be in German. My speech about GSM locating will by  in English as soon one person outside of Germany will join.
  • In Berlin you have a chance to meet me at the “Droidcon”. This big  Android event is in English as usual. Last year they had 1500+ visitors.  I will talk about NFC, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth. ANT+ and WLAN. This  two days you can join on less money.
  • A further event in Berlin will be related to LTE approvals. My  speech will be about embedded LTE antennas and design in. It is not for  free, but it will save you a lot of money, because you will get skills  to develop a M2M device to pass the necessary approvals.
  • Nevertheless you have the chance to meet me at the “Embedded World”  in Nuremberg.  At the stand you will see special M2M devices like a  GPS/GSM watch made by a customer.
  • And last but not least we can meet me at the “Cebit” in Hannover and  the “Hannover Industry Fair.” And if all this does not fit, we can meet  at your office.

Webinars on Wireless M2M

All times are UTC/GMT +1 hour

Supplier Title Language Date Time
FastraxFastrax Multi-GNSS receiver IT600English27.01.201214:00–15:00
Intel Mobile CommunicationsIntel Embedded Bluetooth products efficient data transfer for multiple applicationsEnglish08.02.201210:00–11:00
InfineonTransceiver Solutions from Infineon – lowest power meets long rangeEnglish28.02.201210:00–11:00

Funknetzwerke – Technologie und ParameterübersichtEnglish06.03.201214:00–15:00
Nordic SemiconductorDesigning for BT-Low Energy applicationsEnglish07.03.201210:00–11:00
TelitDare to Design Embedded 3G/HSPA+ Module in a Commercial 4G WorldEnglish14.03.201214:00–15:00
Redpine SignalsWi-Fi in Embedded SystemsEnglish20.03.201210:00–11:00

Wireless M2M Events in several cities

  • LTE Seminar / Berlin 20.02  (1 day) 
    • Tests, Approvels in US, EU and other regions. Embedded LTE antennas and design in.
  • Embedded World / Nürnberg  28.2 – 1.03 (3 days) 
    • Exhibition of latest wireless technologies and examples.
  • Cebit / Hannover 6. – 10.03- no (5 days) 
    • Big event about communication just 45 minutes far away from my home.  I will use this event for customer meetings and learning about latest  wireless technologies. The opening this year will be done by Mr. Eric  Smith (Google) and Dr. Angela Merkel (Federal Chancellor/ Germany)
  • Hannover Industry Fair 23. – 27. 04 (4days) 
    • Big exhibition related to latest technologies close to my home.
  • Droidcon / Berlin 13. – 14.03 (2 days) 
    • Wireless links around your Smart Phone. NFC, Bluetooth, Bluetooth  Smart, ANT+ and WIFI. Difference in range, power consumption, latency.  Examples for applications
  • Rutronik Wireless Roadshow Düsseldorf 22.05- 24.05 (3 days)  and Rutronik Wireless Roadshow Berlin 25.09 – 27.09 (3 days) 
    • Day 1: Postining on GNSS like GPS, but Glonass, Beidou, Galileo and  QZSS as well. Non GNSS locating by WIF, Bluetooth Smart, active RFID up  to GSM locating
    • Day 2: Wireless links around your Smart Phone. NFC, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, ANT+ and WIFI
    • Day 3: Internet of Things: GSM, GPRS, HSPA, UMTS, WIFI, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN

If you have interest in further details or a meeting then just drop an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de