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GSM / GPS tracking in the shoes?

Harald Naumann Master

The whole world is constantly trying to publish the smallest GPS tracking device.

This morning a tracking device in the shoe was seen again. Apart from  the fact that a shoe is a very inappropriate place for a GPS and GSM  antenna, everyone needs more than one pair of shoes. In the bathtub I  always pull my shoes off. My grandma has always pulled your shoes when  she went to bed. Alzheimer’s patients are so confused that they just go  off. They left with shoes – but sometimes without shoes.


The ubiquitous physics is simply repealed. Water is conductive. The  red-coloured water in the foot named blood is simply ignored. That the  road through rain and snow is wet sometimes is also overlooked. The wave  only outside the Fresnel zone can “survive”- It was forgotten. GPS  signal levels are close to the atmospheric noise. By the way, GPS is no  longer the centre of the world. When you already rely on GNSS, you  should – like the new Motorla Razr Droid – use a combination of GPS and  Glonass. Those who wants it better and more accurate take a GPS /  GLONASS-module which receives the American GPS and Russian Glonass  parallel. With the later update the GNSS modules also will receive the  European Galileo, the Chinese Compass and the Japanese QZSS. A  multi-channel GNSS module for Alzheimer’s patients also fulfils the risk  management. If one GNSS is disrupted, the other still works. A test  drive in Dallas shows this clearly. The “only GPS device” has gaps in  the tracked trip, and in another part of trip the “drunken” driver  passed the middle of some skyscrapers. The combined GPS/Glonass system  displays the position data in a string of pearl necklace. The A-GPS was  not enabled. The dead reckoning by gyros and CAN-bus interface or  speedometer was not used as well. With dead reckoning the position  continues to record in the tunnel or in the hall.


On my new 20 gram tracker only those horrible antennas are left. A  battery is no longer needed. This weight we have thrown overboard. Just  these two weakening antennas and in addition the ground plane is still  left. Mr. Marconi, why did you invent the ground plane? Couldn’t you  simply leave out? That’s a pretty kettle of fish! The antennas are  larger than the radio modules. Everything shrinks and becomes lighter.  The board can be designed as a flex-PCB. The microcontroller is now  barely visible. The SIM card is a SIM on chip.

Mr. Marconi had this really be?


And who wants to know more this is allowed to send an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de.