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Recommended GPS GSM device




I'm looking for a robust cost effective GPS GSM device that allows a SIM to be inserted and used to respond with a geographical position when the SIM is "pinged" from a server.


Ideally I'm looking for a device/module that is pretty much self contained (internal and external power supply) and will not require bespoke software onboard.  It should be able to respond when pinged by SMS or USSD.


Any suggestions /shortlist.





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    Hi Ed,


    There are a few GPS modules out there that will do this. They will not be built for this out of the box though. So yes you can get a GPS terminal which can get a fix and update a location. You can then use a very lightweight script on it to respond to your sms messages. Have a look at this




    I believe they also do a software that goes with it for your particular application. Wouldn't cost you more than 25-30 GBP for the software.



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    Give me a call or email me direct for several options we can offer including a complete solution.

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    Harald Naumann Master

    Hi Ed, are you looking for something like in the picture as below?

    All in one Vehicle tracking device

    vehicle tracking device 300x228 Vehicle tracking device with embedded GSM / GPS antennas


    This vehicle tracking device is a highly flexible plug and play GSM  850 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 modem with embedded GPS module for direct  and easy integration in your vehicle. GSM antenna and GPS antenna are  embedded in the vehicle tracking device. This saves trouble during  installation, money for external GSM /GPS antennas and time for  installation as well.
    The supported bearers are SMS and GPRS on TCP/IP stack. GPRS on TCP/IP  stack in the main bearer and SMS is fallback only. Nevertheless if you  like it can run on SMS only.

    This vehicle tracking device is based on latest hardware.

    GSM module Telit GL865-Quad

    The Telit GL865-Quad is a Quad band GSM / GPRS module with high sensitivity and low power  consumption. Based on Telit’s pin to pin policy this GSM / GPS modem can  be produced next years without redesign of the vehicle tracking device

    Embedded GSM antenna

    The embedded GSM antenna saves the hustle and trouble during installation. It is a customized embedded GSM antenna to give customers best performance.

    GPS module UP501

    The UP501 is a GPS module with embedded GPS patch antenna. It is a closed tuned system and makes  the integration on PCB easy. Normally GPS patch antennas are detuned by  mounting it on PCB. An UP501 will not be detuned. This gives the vehicle  tracking device a very high sensitivity.

    GPS patch antenna

    A GPS patch antenna was not necessary, because it was already a part of UP501.

    Vehicle tracking device test trip

    A trip from Rostock to Berlin has shown best performance. The device  was installed under the seat of the driver and had few to ground. Yes  you are reading right – it has not shown to sky and it was still able to  receive a signal. German engineering teams always test to the maximum  limits. icon wink Vehicle tracking device with embedded GSM / GPS antennas

    So if you are interested to track something, then just drop an email  to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de or give me a call (phone number at  left upper corner).  If you would like to develop an own vehicle  tracking device, then please feel free to contact me too. My daily job  since years is to consult developers to create new amazing wireless M2M  products. Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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    Hi Ed,


    GT-540P is an intelligent configurable GPS device that allows a SIM card to be inserted inside so it can provide access to the cellular network.  It can respond to you or a computer system with geographical position.  I have seen these used in a wide range of M2M applications.  It comes with a free software setup utility.  You can set it up such that text messages can be sent to you based on an alarm condition.  You can send it text messages for the status.  You can send it a text message to get the status of a 0 - 20 mA analog input, digital inputs or digital outputs.  You can also send a text message to it to turn a digital output on or off.  You can set it up such that it can only interact with specified cell phone numbers.  You can also run SCADA or other software on a PC and retrieve the data.  KingView for example comes with an hour of free web based training which we can cater to your application and help you get set up.


    Our ecommerce website is offering 5% off on all orders placed online from January 1, 2012 through February 29, 2012.  We offer a 14 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.



    GT-540P: $679      Wireless Intelligent GPRS Remote Terminal Unit with GPS and 2G micro SD card for remote monitoring applications. Ideal for Vehicle Tracking. Has 6 DI, 2 DO, and 1 AI


    applications 2




    KingView:  Starts at $399    High-Performance PC Software for Building Data Information Service Platform or SCADA System





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    Maria Lemone
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    Email:  mariaL@icpdas-usa.com

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    Hi Ed,


    I propose to refere to the ENFORA SPIDER MT2500.

    It's very economical and feature rich GSM/GPS tracker.


    Device has a built-in 230mA rechargeable battery and integrated GSM & GPS antennas.



    For more technical information please visite Enfora web site



    As you are interested then we can talk about prices and purchasing options.

    Send me an email or private message.


    Best Regards,

    Tomasz Leszczyński