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Test specification for end devices


Hi everyone,

I am new in m2m business and working for a telecom provider.

We are currently confrunted with the problem what to test and how to test the m2m end devices as partially the requirements compared to mobile phones is different.

Does anyone has experience regarding a list of attributes and how to test them? There is probably not one test plan, but there should be a least a general one for each application the device is used for, e.g. telematics, logistics, health, etc.

Thank you all in advance.

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    Hi Robert,


    First, welcome to the M2M world!


    I've been responsible for certifying M2M devices for Jasper for the last 4.5 years, so I have little experience in this area.  The key testing component from the operator's perspective is ensuring the device doesn't cause harm to the network. M2M device applications are notorious for having retry algorithms that can cause havic.  I recommend testing the items listed in the generic retry algorigthm from this document http://m2m.com/docs/DOC-1007.


    Good luck!