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Providers of m2m connectivity globally




I am looking for some guidance on how 2 things - providers and potential pricing.


The m2m device is will connect to the network but not frequently and generate small amounts of data, i.e., not more than ~500Kb per month in total (for all the time it remains online). It is however critical that the device be allowed to send data . I am looking for guidance on


1) Which providers can provide this type of seamless connectivity? (Have reached out to Jasper - are they the right guys?)

2) Given the data usage, how much would this cost? (what are the chances of getting a flat rate plan?)


Your insight is much appreciated.




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    Hi Ashish,


    there are lots of operators that offer a global M2M service and have the JW platform.


    Best bet is to decide what your home region is- US, Europe, Asia etc and then deal with an operator there for your global service. It usually would make more sense to do the deal in the region where most of your devices will be.


    You can see links to most of the operators on the home page of this site, or get in touch with me and I can help point you in the right direction.



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    Have you checked with Numerex Corp? They provide a Global SIM - GSM and SMS

    I'm sure they can help you.

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    Hi Ashish,


    Please check http://www.nextm2m.com/ we are a global connectivity provider with a unique billing platform.


    When you look at our site you should address your question to our sales and business development person Henrik Hansen he can help you.


    I attach some partner benefit.


    Hope to hear from you.



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    Hi Ashish,


    I'm not sure if you've found a provider that suits your needs yet or not; but I'd certainly be more than happy to help you.


    KORE Wireless are a provider of Global M2M connectivity, we can provide coverage via either local carriers (Depending on the country) or our Global SIM service, as well as SBD Satellite services.


    We can also provide you with a SaaS management platform to monitor and provision your fleet of SIMs.


    The type of usage you use is fairly typical for a lot of our customers and we certainly have some custom price plans that can help you on your way, we can do it at a flat rate or on a pay-per use basis.


    Please feel free to contact me should you want to discuss our solution further at jmack@korewireless.com


    Kind Regards,





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    We also provide data SIMs worldwide and offer pooled plans, pay as you go or standard flat rate KB/MB plans.

    Send me an email to discuss your requirements and I can get your some pricing.

    Thanks much,

    Michael Timm



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    In my experience, global flat rates end up being a good deal for some countries and very bad deals for other countries, not only because of pricing but also because coverage quality which can be very different from one country to the other.


    I would say that a good approach is to get data service agreements with operators in the countries you are targeting. Might be worthwile taking a look at those listed in this website, and see if you could get from them the global coverage/service your application needs.




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    I'm not sure if you have found your wireless carrier, but you may want to look into RACO Wireless.  I work for RACO and we have just posted 300% growth for the year 2011.


    A ton of companies are switching to us because of our product offerings and our support.  If you're still looking, feel free to reach out to me.




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    Daniel Freedman Novice

    Hello Ashish,


    OneSimCard is an International Sim Card service provider with coverage in more than 160 countries across the globe.  Our users are given a free online management portal to control the sim cards, features and activity from.  You will also have the ability to block and unblock the sim cards at anytime.  In the portal you are given the option to pick which billing option each sim card will be billed on since we offer two options.  Option 1 is our monthly data plans that start as low as $1.99 and Option 2 is the pay per KB rates which has NO minimum monthly billing requirements or monthly administrative fees either. 


    Key Service Features:

    • M2M services available in 160+ countries

    • Standard M2M rates begin at $0.25 per MB

    • KB billing increments

    • Free online portal

    • No set up costs

    • No monthly administration fee

    • No monthly minimum usage requirement

    • SMS text messaging available

    • Discounted M2M Data Packages offer in 55+ countries


    Please contact me directly for information about our products and services



    +1 617 313 8888 ext 408

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    Alper Celik Newbie

    Hello Ashish,


    Tele2 (a Swedish telecom operator group that has operations in Europe and Asia) is providing global managed connectivity solutions for M2M/Telematics services. We provide national & international SIM cards and a SIM management platform to control and manage your connectivity & cost.

    In general our customers likes us because of;

    - business model flexibility

    - benefits of working directly with the operator

    - skilled M2M customer support

    - global coverage

    - prices

    - SIM management & automation platform

    - cost control and real time visibility


    If you want to have a quick discussion around what we can do together, feel free to contact me via: alper.celik@tele2.com or +46 70 4264 778


    Kind Regards

    Alper Celik

    M2M - Tele2