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GL865 guestions



Could I ask  some Qustions that  I continue look for please? Please help.


Q1-Why only selint =2 configuration is used in GL865 Dual? When I want to change this configuration I am taking error like below.












Q2-If power supply have not enough capacity (for 2 A peak at first startup), Could it cause a regisration denied event?

I have used 1,5 A capacity adaptor for supply the circuit. In circuit I used LM350T voltage regulator. LM350T have 3 A capacity. I had had doubt for adaptor and I used onother higher capacity power supply adaptor but dont make any changes.


Q3- GL865 Dual module has a previous firmware? If thera is, I want to try it.


Q4- If  dont want to draw an antenna path on PCB, Could I soldered antanna cable to direct antenna pad?


Q5-Some capacitor is used with sim holder design. simvcc, simrst,simclk, simIO have 33pF capacitor. Is it impotant  to use a resistor between simvcc to simIO?


Q6-When I change the regmode=1 GL865 Dual module isn't try to registered network and direct  I am taking +CREG: 0,3 answer. After change the regmode=0 set, module start to trying register. So what is the different between them. regmode=1 is advanced mode so it must be so good the other mode.


These are my questions. Please help.

Best Regards.