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Loss of 2G Coverage Questions


If you find or suspect that your operator has turned off 2G coverage where your 2G-only device is located, here's how you can confirm your suspicions and/or what you should do to see if you have access to other carriers, via roaming.


  • confirm GSM registration by sending/receiving a SMS to/from your device
    • If you can't send or receive an SMS, chances are you're completely out of coverage, even for roaming
    • power-cycle your device to confirm that it doesn't register on another carrier
    • If you can send or receive an SMS, go to the next step
  • manually check for other available networks using the "AT+COPS=?" command.  See you AT command manual or 3GPP 27.007 for details on the output.  You should see a results akin to +COPS: X,2,"30272"; where X is 0, 1, 2, or 3.  0 - status unknown, 1 - current (where you're camped or registered), 2 - available and 3 - unavailable (the device tried, but it was rejected).  You're looking for 0, 1, or 2.
    • if there are other networks available, check to see if you can roam on them (WARNING!  ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY) by manually forcing the device onto the other networks; i.e. "AT+COPS=1,2,<MCCMNC>".
    • NOTE - Using AT+COPS=1,2", will prevent your device from registering on other networks.  It's not advised to use this command for mobile devices.


Good luck!