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Industry or Regulatory Retry Requirements?


If you're on this site, you are probably in agreement with the industry analysts that predict there will be billions of connected (M2M) devices within 10,15, 20 years.


One major issue facing operators is the scaling of their networks to meet this demand.  A subset of that issue is device retries when they fail to register or are unable to send/receive the data they need.  Most of today's devices are designed to continually retry as fast as possible and indefinitely.  As some operators have found out and others will certainly discover, such behavior can be catastrophic; i.e. down goes the network.


If operators were to impose maximum retry requirements, are there industry or regulatory requirements that may conflict?  For example, if I have a wireless security system, is there an industry or regulatory body requirement that dictates how frequently I need to retry sending the alarm?




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    There are no industry standards governing this behavior. For GSM, the industry certification standard provided by PTCRB only regulates radio characteristics of devices operating in the network, as well as compliance with the GSM protocol.


    Individual carriers, however, do regulate the behavior of M2M deivces on their networks. The regulations are specific to each individual carrier, may be formal or informal, and may be documented or not. Regarding your question, carriers may (or may not) regulate the frequency of retries and the total number of retries that a device may make within some time period. For AT&T specifically in the United States, we have found that AT&T has a formal, undocumented standard on retry frequency that must be verified by independent laboratory testing (i.e., you either "pass" or you don't). Obviously, "retry as fast as possible" does not pass. AT&T and their MVNOs will not issue SIMs for devices that have not passed carrier certification in addition to PTCRB certification.


    The carriers appear unconcerned about potential conflicts with any standards in the served industries. We are one of the largest providers of backup cellular connections to the security industry, however, and we have never seen any such conflict, so your concern may be speculative.


    The direction on the part of the carriers is to upgrade their policy servers in their networks to detect more of this aberrant M2M behavior, and to disconnect and block the units that exhibit it automatically in real time. We have already seen some of this automatic policy "enforcement" in the United States.

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    Good question Curtis. Although not a full answer, I guess if the GPRS/PDP fails but the MSC registration is succesful, security comapnies can provide SMS backup while backing off GPRS/PDP retries until the network has recovered.