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    Harald Naumann Master

    Yes, it will. Maybe you are interested in other Android based M2M apps like Android@Home.


    Two can play in this game. The device will be the host and the host  will be the device. Is Google going bananas? Why a small PCB will be the  host and a big powerful Android tablet or smartphone will be the  device? Does this make any sense? Yes it does.

    Cheap Smart Home with Android@Home

    Android tablets are already affordable. They are produced in  millions. By mounting such an inexpensive Android tablet in a nicely  designed plastic enclosure screwed to the wall in your Sweet Home it  will become your Smart Home. The only thing missing will be the  interaction to other electronic systems in your home.

    Android@Home Evaluation Kit 300x225 Android@Home   From Sweet Home to affordable Smart Home

    Android@Home evaluation kit

    Android@Home supported by Microchip

    Microchip is ready with a helping hand because they have announced  the release of the Microchip PIC24F Accessory Development Start Kit for  Android. This standalone board will be used for evaluating and  developing electronic accessories for Android based smartphones and  tablets.

    The PIC24F Accessory Development Starter Kit for Android is available  today for just $79.99. The PIC32 Accessory Development Starter Kit for  Android is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2011 for  $79.99 as well. The software library will support both kits.

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    There is no reason why an M2M provider SIM would not work on an unlocked Android, as long as you can configure the APN properly.



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    Hi Jonathan,


    If you have an Android phone and are interested in developing M2M applications that can work with phone Apps, here is a solution where you can use a programmable controller with Windows CE.NET operating system along with a phone app on an Android phone.


    Here is what you’d need if you want to implement your machine with the app kit, our PACs and eLogger (runs on PAC as the server):


    eLogger is a Free software we provide with our PAC controllers that run CE.NET 5.0. 



    VP-25W1: $1,699.00  Standard ViewPAC touch screen controller with 5.7" Display and Window CE.NET 5.0 Inside



    Here are I/O modues that you can use in the VP-25W1.  You can monitor things like current, voltage, temperature.  You can make buttons that can trigger relays or other output devices like fans or pumps. 




    Google App Inventor lets you build a phone app through a Web Browser and a Java Program.  You can use this to develop an Android Phone App that can interact with our programmable controllers controllers running CE.NET 5.0 for M2M applications.




    Best Regards,


    Maria Lemone

    ICP DAS USA, Inc.

    888-971-9888 ext 105