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M2M Technology Licensing: Expert Technical Consultant Wanted


I'm working with a client who may soon be involved with some licensing issues relating to M2M technologies.


I'm looking for someone with deep technical expertise in the M2M space to serve as a technology consultant on a private confidential basis.  This project may involve hundreds of hours of work over the next few years to be paid on a  full hourly consulting rates basis.


The ideal consultant candidate would need to have deep hands-on technical expertise in some (and preferably all) of the following areas:


1.  The functionality, features, and configurability of embedded cellular M2M wireless modules;


2.  Communicating with embedded cellular M2M wireless modules over cellular telelephone networks, including by way of text and packet-switched data messaging; and


3.  Computer server-based back-end systems used for controlling an installed base of embedded cellular M2M wireless modules over cellular telephone networks.


I would prefer a consultant candidate based in the United States, although that is not an absolute requirement.


If you have potential interest in this project, please contact me at the following email address: m2mexpert@gmail.com.   I will initially want you to provide nonconfidential information about your background and experience in the M2M space, and then we can have a preliminary conversation to see whether this sounds like a good fit.


If you have a friend or colleague with a suitable skill set who may be interested in this project,  please encourage them to contact me at the above email address.


Many thanks in advance,  Mr Telematics