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Glonass module supports GPS, Galileo, Compass and QZSS

Harald Naumann Master

This GNSS module supports GPS and Glonass

 Glonass module supports GPS, Galieo, Compass and QZSS


The support of Galileo, Compass and QZSS is on top. All mayor GNSS  systems will be supported. But this is not all.  DR is supported by  Odometer/Gyro or CAN DWP. With an accuracy of 1.8 meter at CEP95 the  accuracy is amazing high also. By selecting of best GPS or Glonass  satellites the performance will be optimised again. And if Europe will  launch its Galileo system, then there will be always more than enough  satellites on the sky. What a nice navigation future.

BTW, perfect antennas can be shipped with the Glonass module as well.  Glonass modules are receiving on 1602 MHz and GPS modules are 1575 MHz.  Combined GPS/Glonass modules will have a need for antennas that will  receive on both bands. In the end we will win more GNSS satellites on the sky.

Welcome Galileo. Welcome Glonass. Welcome redundancy.

Everybody who is interested in further details and information about  this GPS/Glonass module and antennas is welcomed to send me an e-mail to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de .