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Help w/CDMA and GSM Network Certification


Hello Everyone, I am new here and to the m2m industry. I have been recently hired into a new portion of our company to develop a new product line that will rely on cell network communication. We have outsourced the majority of the development, and am in the prototype phase now. I am looking for some guidance with network operator certification.


In our product line we have 3 devices for the USA, one each configured for cdma and gsm, and one that supports both. The device is purely data and m2m. Our first product to market is the gsm device simply because of the quick ability to get it certified with at&t. I have a few questions that I would like to see if anyone can shed some light.


1. What is the best way to negotiate service packages with the providers?


2. Being that verizon is very difficult to get devices certified, is there a way to partner with a smaller provider that will still get us onto Verizons network? For example, I know that in our upper midwest region US Cellular has partnered with verizon to allow their customers to 'roam' onto verizons network without roaming charges.


Thanks for any help anyone can provide!