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Gprs Connection and Data Transfer


Hi All , I m looking for some  lightening


I have a telit module which is GM862 - GPS , I am trying to create communication between module and  server. I am confused about an issue, I know how to send data [a string] to  a server via gprs . but I cant  figure that out, how I can send data, request from server to the module. as I know when module is connected to gprs, it has dynamic ip, it doesnt have static ip. as I know I can make socket listen in module with AT commands , but  how I am supposed to send a string to module if I dont have ip address of module? how the algorithm works in this situation? could you  tell me , I am so stuck with this?  is it possible to do this?


I have some solutions but  they are not best way to do. I need to send string  to module from server.





I am using asp .net for the server side , and  python for module side