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Testing Antenna


  We run many differnt models of M2M device and many different services. As this is a constantly evolving business we are deploying every 6 weeks and the whole thing needs testing on devices using the GSM connections to our server and testing of positioning data via GPS.


This means that our validation and support offices are a mad spagetti of wires and antenna stuck to office windows (the treated glass is very good at keeping the signal out).


So, I was wondering if anyone knew of a system by which we could fix a single (1 for GSM and 1 for GPS) large antenna to the roof and plug the devices in via a sort of patch panel. I assume a kind of BTS-style duplexer and Tx/Rx couplers would be needed, but does anyone know if this exists? Who would make such a solution?


As we have limited office space and no GPS reception unless the antenna are stuck to the windows, this would allow a neater and more simple solution and we could quickly put new test devices on the network.


Thanks in advance for any commets.



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    The best method and really the only one I have seen work is an in building DAS(Distributed Antenna System). This method uses a Donor antenna on the roof and then a BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) in the building connected to a series of Antennas or leaky coax.  The main problem with this is since you are installing an amplifier on a private radio frequency owed by the operator you are trying to connect to, you need permission and in most cases it will require them installing the system and most likely owning it as well with you paying a fee to lease it.  You may look at offers from carriers called Femto Cells which in a sense are BDAs. Take a look.  This may be a suitable option for you.




    Good Luck

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    Hi M,

    Ken is right, the repeater system would be the best. For the GPS repeater you can look at GPS Source for example http://www.gpssource.com/products/gps-repeater/81 For Cellular you could look at Wilson Electronics or a webstore like www.cellantenna.com

    Thanks Dermot