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Spring-Cleaning Discussions


There are lots of good discussions but they are not well tagged and well linked. As a good example on SMS vs GPRS, there are many discussions that overlap and it would be very useful to bring the discussions together to reuse input, prevent duplication and simplify the ease with which infomation can be found.


I was going to ask the administrators if they could invest some time in cleaning, pruning and indexing the various posts but wanted to ask other members if they feel that this would be a useful thing to do. I also expect that the admins may need some of us to act as moderators of particular threads and also wanted to check if members would be willing to spending a few minutes each week keeping things nicely indexed and tagged.


Also - are there any good guidelines for tagging the content to help the jive platform keep itself clean (and is there a schema for tags that the admins would like us to use?). Perhaps we could also have a guideline for the titles of discussions: "way to call GPRS device?" may be better titled "GPRS session initiation".


...or perhaps I am too pedantic having spent too many years on standards committtees!



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    I agree with you, David.  I think there are better ways to organize some of the discussions.  If I were relatively new to embedded wireless, I would be a little lost in trying to find some of the data I was looking for.  I would be happy to act as a moderator, if the admins give me the permission.