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Certification in Russia




I am planning to launch my service in Russia as well and would like to know if there are any certification requirements over there like in USA with PTCRB.


Can any one help me ?


Thanks in advance



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    Hi Lea,


    From regulation point of view, Russia Ministry of Telecom requires a "declaration" certification for any GPRS device sold in Russia.


    The declaration process for any connected device manufacturer willing to enter the Russian market is quite straight forward.




    4/6 weeks between the application and the decision;

    Certification is definitive unless a major change is made on the device: hardware, software.



    One shot fee paid upfront to the Test Center (to be negotiated with test center).



    1.       The Applicant fills in the Application form and sends it to the Test Center (PDF sent by email with signature and company stamp);

    2.       The Test Center agrees with the Applicant on the test plan;

    3.       The Test Center processes the tests and sends a test report to the Applicant and a Declaration original document.



    The test plan is based on ETSI / 3GPP standard specifications.


    Additional information can be found at www.niicc.ru, this is one of the test center specialized in M2M.


    Hope that helps.