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M2M In India


We are company based in India working extensively in M2M domain. We would like to know other system integrators/developers of M2M products/solutions providers in India. We are developing weather monitoring solutions for Indian Agricultural Industries as well as we are system integrators for HVAC Industry. Would like to get new ideas on M2M which we can develop in M2M space. Presently, I see M2M mainly used in vehicle tracking systems in India. We are exploring other familier uses which can be directly relevant to developing countries like India.

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    Hi Rajat, I can't say I am too familiar with the M2M industry in India specifically.  However, there is a lot of connected device activity happening in emerging markets around the world that may have some relevance.  The three that I've seen the most (in no particular order) are:


    - Payment.  In developed nations, credit card payments are handled via a terminal connected to a fixed phone line.  In emerging markets, fixed lines are many times more expensive that wireless.  As a result, most terminals now just cellular to process the payment.  Of course, this all assumes that the financial infrastructure of the country accepts credit cards.  The challenge in this business is ensuring QoS.  We all know wireless service isn't always perfect.  So we see terminals with multiple SIMs as well as using CSD and SMS as backups.  After all, if the merchant can't accept payment, that's a very real revenue loss.


    - Stolen vehicle recovery.  In a country with tremendous poverty, there is usually a correspondingly high crime rate.  And insurance companies are particularly concerned about vehicle replacement costs. So SVR seems to be a pretty decent market.  Same applies for cargo tracking.


    - Home and Office Security.  Catering mostly to the upper classes, home security systems are quite popular.  A drive around Sao Paulo, Hanoi, Mexico City, etc shows that all the 'good' neighborhoods all seem to be behind big gates with lots of security systems.  The biggest issue with security systems, however, is that many of them rely on fixed phone lines, which can be easily cut.  No line = security system is dead.  So lots of security service providers are now offering cellular-based communition services.  If the SIM is inside the wall panel, it cannot be tampered with from the outside.  So it's much more effective.


    I'm sure there's lots more.

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      Hello Mr. Morgan,


      Thanks for your reply. Your insight was really helpful and informative. Another applications that i can think of right now is


      1) weather monitoring systems for agri-based industries where sensors wirelessly send data to centralized server and management can take predictive measures for their business.


      2) Energy monitoring solution to monitor energy consumed, energy lost in the transmission using wireless communication systems.


      3) As mentioned by you, vehicle management solutions where i can do predictive traffic analysis based on which traffic can be managed in a much better way.


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      Thanks and Regards,


      Rajat Bansal