• Certification

    Hello,   Can someone give me additional insights concerning certification process and its difference between Europe and the US?   Are there specific requirements also in Asia?   I will have to deploy...
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  • Ericsson Modules

    I  notice  that Ericsson is launching new m2m modules targetted at the consumer electronics segment. Has anyone  experience of these modules or any knowledge on what they  have  for those deve...
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  • OTA role in M2M

    Hi all,   How do you consider the current OTA role in M2M ? and how do you see the future of OTA in M2M ?
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  • M2M module vs modem

    I am a newbee to the M2M space, just wanted to see what would be the best way to bring the M2M appplication to the market. I was told that using modules may take additional cost and time going thru certifications. But...
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  • Your best tips for a first-timer?

    I am in the process of developing my first embedded wireless device. Very pleased to find this community... and all the useful information here. It is providing answers--as well as helping me know the right questions...
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  • M2M Events & Promotion

    Of all the various events/conferences/exhibitions around the world, what would be the top 5 to attend or exhibit at for M2M?
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