Matt Seymour
Hi,   We are currently investigating whether M2M is the solution we require as we are developing an industrial data logging application which will run in a remote location. The basic principles of…
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Micah Kurtz
Hey guys,   I need some help in choosing a cellular module for a device I am working on. Essentially I am building a very simple cell phone. It doesn't matter if the module uses GSM or CDMA, it just…
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mohammed rashied
Hi, we want to start MVNO in USA market. can u pls support AT&T or T-mobile network?
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Hi, I am using Telit GL 868 Dual V3 modem. AT command AT#SD has got a parameter for UDP local port. Suppose it is assigned with value 5060. UDP server is running on my PC. When the command is…
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Jim Crowder
I'm hearing rumblings that AT&T may have and continues to shut down local markets for 2G.  My question is, are they really shutting down 2G prior to the Sunset date?  Or is this a misunderstanding…
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Hicham M
Hello, I'm planning to get a CDMA 3G modem to develope an application for it, and since I'm located in France where there  is only GSM network I don't know how I can test the module ?   Is there…
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youssef saqr
Hi All,     In simple words, I'm puzzled with many vendors of M2M, and there are many M2M devices, Many microcontrollers/modules which do different things.     I really don't know where to start if…
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