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How to select the chinese GSM modules?


Hi Guys,


I m rookie in M2M field, need some help from you. We are considering to use low cost modules in our tracking device.


Anyone had experience in using chinese modules? I know there are several  module manufacture like simcom,quectel and fibocom.


I want to find some cheap price modules with long life cycle. I heard that simcom's firmware always updating, i dont like this.

And I read some news that simcom chipset supplier STE had split, does it mean their chipset will not exist for long time??

Is it an end of life product?


And quectel is using MTK chipset, but MTK start in consumer side, does it support well in industrial usage?


how about others?


how about the chinese  support?


anyone have experience with chinese modules?

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    You can call e-lins detail.

    E-lins use huawei,zte,ericsson and sierra module in their router.


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    We are manufacturer of industrial GPRS/CDMA/3G modem and router. We prefer to use Huawei and ZTE module in our products, and they are working well.




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    Hi pal, you can consider using our GSM/GPRS module. We are using the Infineon-Intel ULC3 solution in our module and they have been used to perform well in the tracking system for vehicles. You DONT need to worry for technical support with the integration of our module into your product as I will support all you need.

    We have a very good business partnership with Infineon, they provide strong support for us and so we can always extend full support to our customers as well.

    I will be your contact point here in our company, I am a Filipino and been with Triones company for 8 straight years.

    Please get in touch: aberullamas@triones.com.cn

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    fourfaith01 apple Expert

    http://www.four-faith.com/En  Four-Faith is a professional provider who specializing in the design, manufacture, marketing of the advanced wireless data transmission terminals, and providing the innovative, customized wireless data terminals, excellent service and solutions for our customers both at home and abroad.

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    You mentioned in your post the very reason why some/most companies do not go with companies like simcom, quectel, etc.  Even though they are capable companies I believe your research has exposed short-comings that don't address your personal requirements.  You cannot really go wrong leveraging the history and expertise of  Huawei and ZTE.  They are very recognizable and respectable companies that large global organizations like to do business with.

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    having just left the Carrier world I have a different perspective. I have seen a considerable growth in SIMcom units, and they're well behave on the networks.  In UK & IE they're well supported by EBV. Unless you have large volumes you won't be doing business with Huawei or ZTE.

    Needless to say Cinterion & SW are excellent units but I assume you're looking for something chaeper?

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    Hey Duff,

    Whats up?

    If you are getting good quality European brand in lower or cheaper prices then why to go for Chinese manufacturers.

    We are the manufacturers of devices based on GSM technology like 3G LTE Wimax routers, gsm gate controllers, IP cameras and finally big range of Fleet management devices with complete technical support, server software, installation practically on all over the world etc.

    We have RND to design tailor made devices as per client needs if the quantity is good.

    You can www.teltonika.lt , for more details.


    And feel free to contact me for details product knowledge.



    Usama khan


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    Hello Duff,

    I have been in GSM for over ten years now, and seen the cellular M2M market evolve greatly.

    When I started it was the infancy of GPRS with Wavecom and Siemens modules costing over £60 each.

    At that time engineers didn't truly understand the technology, and they played safe by using branded products, with Chinese manufacturers seen as a "bit dodgy".

    Then Telit appeared and the prices dropped dramatically meaning cellular M2M was now cost efficient.  The cost of data dropped too.

    But by late 2000's understanding GPRS was common knowledge, so people changed to Telit.

    Now in 2015, GPRS is everywhere, and everyone is using it.  the Chinese manufacturers have seen how it's done in Europe and now provide support and products that suit our market.

    So using SimCom, Quectel, Huawei, ZTE is not scary anymore.

    With IoT becoming the an acronym of choice, wireless is going everywhere, but cost will be the driving factor.

    And therefore Neoway Technology have hit the market with quality products, at an ultralow cost, thus making IoT an easy and cost effective product for all market places.

    I believe that Neoway has the lowest cost modem in European distribution, and allied to first class technical support, they're definitely a manufacture that should be considered for new cellular designs.



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    Maria Lemone Novice

    Hi Electronicman Duff,


    Here is a link to some GSM and 3G solutions that come with free US based technical support out of Southern California.  ICP DAS in Taiwan was established in 1993.  ICP DAS USA was established in 2001.  There is currently no end of life scheduled for these products.  User manuals are available in English and Chinese.  These are manufactured in Taiwan.  They ship from Southern California.  Most items can ship the same day and the lead time for out of stock items is up to one week.

    Modbus Device Servers, Cellular Modems, Cellular based programmable Controllers:



    Maria Lemone

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    mariaL @ icpdas-usa.com (remove the spaces to send me an email if I can help with anything)

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    Making Data Acquisition Easy

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    Harald Naumann Master

    I am since close to 20 years in GSM and GPS. The claims against new companies in cellular modules I heard by pushing and selling Telit modules. I used to work with the first Telit distributor outside of Italy. Will Telit stay alieve? Can you trust this company? Do they paid for the patents? Bla Ba Bla ...

    Today I hear:

    Will XYZ stay alieve? Can you trust this company? Do they paid for the patents? Bla Ba Bla ...


    Without to advertise any Chinese manufacturer:

    - Do they have a local team?
    - Do they offer support?
    - Do they help with all the neccesary certifcation?
    Some have - some have it not.


    If you want to know more, then do not hesitate to email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de